Green Martinstown A5
An initiative from residents for residents

Inspired by success stories from other villages across the country, a small group of Martinstown residents have been discussing the possibility of developing an initiative to make Martinstown a ‘green’ sustainable village. 

 Please get in touch with your own ideas about a green martinstown: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deborah and Andy Daw  •  Keith & Michaela Howat  •  Trliby Fairfax  •  Tom and Sally Webb  •  Jo Lacy Smith  •  Colin Tracy

Green Martinstown Group Aims and Guidelines 

Here are some simple guidelines to help us achieve our aims in a peaceful and respectful manner.

• Our aim is to help Martinstown become more sustainable - leading to carbon neutrality; recognising that this will take however long it takes

• Green Martinstown is non-political 

• We are a non-confrontational group, every voice should be heard and respected 

• We welcome all Martinstown residents to join in and support our aims 

• We recognise human activity is contributing to major climate change but we do not apportion blame or point the finger at anyone – rather, we are and have all been party to taking from 'nature' (as if nature is different from ourselves) with little thought to the consequences. Re-assessing our relationship to nature is crucial to genuine sustainability 

• We do not focus on the threats of climate change, more on the benefits of taking action.