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martinstownThe Church of St Martin of Tours, Martinstown is one three churches that make up the Parish of The Winterbournes and which includes St Michael’s, Winterbourne Steepleton and St Mary’s, Winterbourne Abbas. These three churches and the parish church of St Thomas á Becket, Compton Valence are ministered to by a Team Vicar, an Associate Priest and a Licensed Lay Minister (LLM), and form part of the Dorchester and The Winterbournes Team Ministry, consisting of 9 churches (the 3 Dorchester Town churches, West Stafford and Winterborne Monkton).

Though the four churches of The Winterbournes have their own identity they have in common an inclusive, friendly and hospitable welcome, extended to all.

St Martin’s is a busy, active church that involves itself fully in the life of the community. Each year the members of the parish work hard in raising money for various charities, both at home and abroad and actively support local community events. These are firm foundations for a church that can continue to grow – a church that reaches out to its community, caring for and supporting people and living out their faith practically as well as spiritually.

We welcome enquirers for weddings and baptisms – it is a privilege to share in the joy of these special occasions in people’s lives. In the case of weddings there will of course be legal requirements and in the case of baptisms (also known as Christenings) we are always delighted to welcome new members into the Church of God. Please ring the Team Vicar on 01305 889992 for further information.

A warm welcome awaits you to all our services – please see the ‘Life of the Church’ page for more information - CLICK HERE.

Rev’d Canon Thomas Woodhouse - 01305 267944

Rev’d Jean Saddington - 01305 889992
Available on: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays
Please only contact her for urgent matters on other days.

Rev’d Jo Lacy-Smith - 01305 889476

Allen Knott - 01305 267217

The Parish of the Winterbournes
There is a single Parochial Church Council for Martinstown, Steepleton and Abbas but each parish church retains its own local church committee.

Dick Corbett-Winder (889410),
Ellie Sturrock (07980 089470),
Joy Parsons (889611)

PCC Hon. Secretary:
Alison Crawford (889377)

PCC Hon. Treasurer:
Bruce Robertson

The Parish of Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Compton Valence

Churchwarden & Treasurer:
Jeremy Russell - 01308 482227

Churchwarden & Secretary:
Peter Steel - 01308 482782

Dorchester and The Winterbournes Team Website:

Any of the above can be approached in the first instance for Baptism, Marriage, Home Communion or just a visit and they would welcome being told when anybody has been bereaved or is ill. They have answerphones for you to leave a message.

If you want us to remember anything or anyone in the public prayer of the Church, we would be glad to do this as long as permission of the person involved is assured.

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Valley & Valence Magazine Archive

Valley and Valence is the Parish Magazine for the villages of Winterborne St Martin, Winterbourne Abbas, Winterbourne Steepleton and Compton Valence. Every issue from December 2016/January 2017 is available to download here.

Just CLICK on the link for the edition that you require. You will need the latest edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free HERE.

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After a suspension of production for THREE months the Valley and Valence has now been re-launched.

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book of martinstown

The Book of Martinstown has now completely SOLD OUT!
If anyone wishes to purchase a copy, please give you details to the author - Margaret Hearing, direct on 01305 889346. When there is enough people interested, there will be a further reprint!

To find out more about the history of our village and, in particular, the involvement of Gerald Duke and the Duke family over the years - make sure to visit:

Winterborne St Martin Conservation Area Appraisal Document

Winterborne St Martin (otherwise known as Martinstown) is about two and half miles south west of Dorchester. The
Winterborne St Martin Conservation Area was designated in November 1990.

Conservation areas have special architectural or historic interest and it is desirable to preserve or enhance their character or appearance. West Dorset has 79 conservation areas, for which there is an ongoing programme of appraisal that includes Martinstown.

To read the document in full - CLICK HERE to download the PDF version